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Enable Your 1&1 MyWebsite to be Viewed on Smartphones

The steps in this article will guide you through the process of enabling your website to be viewed on mobile devices with an Internet browser on a smartphone.

Follow the instructions below to enable the Mobile Website feature in your 1&1 MyWebsite.

Please note:
The Mobile Website feature optimises the width and navigation of your website for viewing on a mobile device which typically has a much smaller screen.
Step 2
Click the Settings icon from the Main Menu on the right-hand side. 1&1 MyWebsite editor > Settings
1&1 MyWebsite editor > Settings
Step 3
From Website, choose Mobile Website. Settings overview page
Settings overview page
Step 4
Select Yes, activate optimisation for smartphones. Then, click Save. Mobile Website settings
Mobile Website settings

Your website should now be visible on smartphones.
1&1 MyWebsite shown on a smartphone

1&1 MyWebsite shown on a smartphone

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