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Edit the Meta Tags for a 1&1 MyWebsite

Learn how to edit and update the meta tags for your 1&1 MyWebsite to increase your search engine ranking.

Using meta tags will greatly help improve your visibility in the search engines. Editing the meta tags for each individual page will further enhance your search engine ranking.

Step 2
From the side-panel, click on Settings. 1&1 MyWebsite start page
1&1 MyWebsite start page
Step 3
In the Setting category, select SEO and Footer. Customise and Adjust Website > SEO and Footer
Customise and Adjust Website > SEO and Footer
Step 4
The default SEO and Footer settings, with the page title, page discription, meta tags and Footer nad copyright statement are displayed. Modify the meta tags by adding addtional keywords to the text field. When finished, click on Save. Default SEO and Footer Settings
Default SEO and Footer Settings
Please note:
Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are 3rd party companies. 1&1 has no control over how these companies rank websites or how soon your site may be available via your submitted search keywords.
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