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Error Message while Editing Content in 1&1 MyWebsite

Some 1&1 MyWebsite functions require Adobe Flash or Java.

If you receive an error message while adding or editing an item with the Page Editor, it might be due to an outdated Flash Player or an outdated Java Runtime Environment. Therefore, it is important that you keep this software up to date.

Check your version

Find out if your software is out of date:

Verify current Java version
Verify current Flash Player version

Update Software

If an update is necessary, you can download the current version via the manufacturer's website and install it. Please refer to the installation instructions.

Please note:
No manual Flash Player update is necessary for Google Chrome. The Flash player is integrated into Chrome and automatically updated. Exception: You deactivated the plugin so that Chrome uses the 'normal' Flash Player. If you continue to experience problems with the 1&1 MyWebsite Editor, please check whether your Chrome installation is up to date.
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