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Editing Items in the 1&1 MyWebsite

For 1&1 MyWebsite and 1&1 WebsiteBuilder packages.

Learn how to make changes to your 1&1 MyWebsite.

The 1&1 MyWebsite allows you to keep your page content current by making editing your website easy. You do not need a technical background to edit your website.

Step 1
Launch the MyWebsite editor.
Step 2
Hover your mouse over the area you want to edit. The editor of the element will display a gray frame that encompasses the element. In this example, the mouse is hovered over the textbox element. 1&1 MyWebsite Editor
1&1 MyWebsite Editor
Step 3
Click into the middle of the textbox and you will automatically enter the editor of the element. Here you can make your desired changes. When you are finished, click the Check mark button to save your changes. Textbox Editor
Textbox Editor
Step 4
Here you can see the changes have been saved and your website has been updated. 1&1 MyWebsite Editor
1&1 MyWebsite Editor