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Insert or Change a Header Background Image for 1&1 MyWebsite

This article will teach you how to add or change the header background image on your 1&1 MyWebsite package.

You can either select from the stock photos provided by 1&1 or upload our own image to use as the header background. Scroll down to see how to use your own image.

Step 2
Hover your mouse over the header of your website. Once the Edit Header button appears, click it. 1&1 MyWebsite editor
1&1 MyWebsite editor
Step 3
Click Select image. Edit Header overview page
Edit Header overview page
Step 4
You can select from and search through the background images recommended for your industry, as well as the 1&1 stock image library, and our library of pattern backgrounds.
To search for a desired image, type a keyword into the text-box and click the magnifying glass icon.
Alternatively, you can click on Upload image to choose an image from your personal image gallery. Image sources and thumbnails
Image sources and thumbnails
Step 5
Hover your mouse over an image to view a larger thumbnail of each. Enlarged image thumbnail
Enlarged image thumbnail
Step 6
Click an image once to select it, then click Save to confirm your selection. Available images
Available images
Step 7
The selected image will appear in the header of your website. Use the slider bars to adjust the position, size, and clarity of the background image. Click Save to complete the process. Image adjustment slider bars on the Background overview page
Image adjustment slider bars on the Background overview page