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Add a Favicon and Touch Icon to a MyWebsite

For MyWebsite packages.

Follow the steps below to associate a favicon with your MyWebsite as well as a Touch Icon to your site to be displayed on a Mobile device.

Please note:
The Favicon must be a PNG file type and 16x16 pixels in size. Additionally, the Touch Icon must also be a PNG file type amd 180x180 pixels in size.

Step 1
Launch the MyWebsite editor.
Step 2
Click the Settings icon from the Main Menu on the right-hand side. MyWebsite home page
MyWebsite home page
Step 3
Click the Favicon and Touch Icon button. Settings menu
Settings menu
Step 4
Click the Browse buttons to locate both the image for your favicon and touch icon on your computer.
Settings menu
Settings menu
Step 5
Once you've uploaded your images successfully you will receive two confirmation messages informing the process is complete. Favicon and Touch Icon menu
Favicon and Touch Icon menu

The next time you load your website in a browser, the favicon should display next to the URL.

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