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Set Up Password Protection for a 1&1 MyWebsite Page

Learn how to set up password protection on a specific page of your 1&1 MyWebsite, requiring the password to be entered before the page can be accessed.

You can protect individual pages within your 1&1 MyWebsite using a password. Password protection is useful if you want to make specific information such as price lists available only to your existing customers.

Please note:
File downloads on the pages are not 100% protected. Avoid placing critical data there.
Step 2
Click the Settings icon from the Main Menu side panel.
1&1 MyWebsite editor > Settings
1&1 MyWebsite editor > Settings
Step 3
Under Security, choose Password (Pages) icon.
Settings overview
Settings overview
Step 4
Click on Add new password protected area.
Password (Pages) overview page
Password (Pages) overview page
Step 5
Choose a name for the area and enter a password that should be used to access the page.
Use your mouse to tick the box next to each page you would like to password-protect.
When finished, click on Save. Password (Pages) settings
Password (Pages) settings

A confirmation is displayed that the changes have been saved. Confirmation message
Confirmation message

To test the password protected page, open up the website in another window or tab to view the site normally. The page will request a password be entered before displaying any information. Password protected area message

Password protected area message