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Change the Business Sector of a 1&1 MyWebsite

In this article we will show you how to change the business sector that your 1&1 MyWebsite is categorised as.

You can change your business sector if you have chosen the incorrect sector or have found a sector that better matches your type of company.

Step 2
From the side-panel, click on Settings 1&1 MyWebsite start page
1&1 MyWebsite start page
Step 3
From the settings category, select My business sector. Settings > Customise and Adjust Website
Settings > Customise and Adjust Website
Step 4
Your current business sector will be displayed. To change it, click on Change Business Sector. My Business Sector overview
My Business Sector overview
Step 5
Select a main sector main sector, such as Hotels, Restaurants & Tourism. Available business sectors
Available business sectors
Step 6
Select a sub-sector, such as Estate Agent. Available sub-sectors
Available sub-sectors

Your changes have been saved. Confirmation message

Confirmation message

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