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Preview an E-mail Attachment in 1&1 WebMail

For 1&1 WebMail

Learn how to preview a file that was attached to an e-mail you received, through the 1&1 WebMail interface.

Step 1
First, log in to 1&1 WebMail at https://webmail.1and1.co.uk/
Step 2
From the e-mail containing the attachment, click the Preview link. Webmail Mail page
Webmail Mail page
Step 3
A file preview will open in 1&1 WebMail, allowing you to view the file. When you are finished, you can exit the preview but clicking the Close button at the top-right. Webmail attachment preview page
Webmail attachment preview page

Additionally, you can choose to download the file or Save the E-mail Attachment to 1&1 WebMail Drive.