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Permanently Remove Deleted E-Mails in 1&1 WebMail

Learn how to change your settings in 1&1 WebMail so that your e-mails are permanently removed when you delete them.

By default, the 1&1 WebMail system will move deleted e-mails to the Trash folder where they can be viewed and restored if necessary. As a result, deleting e-mails from the inbox does not free up space in your mailbox. To permanently remove these e-mails, they must also be deleted from the trash folder.

You may set the configuration of the 1&1 WebMail system to permanently remove deleted E-mails. Using this option, deleted e-mails are not moved to the trash folder but deleted right away instead. To enable this option, you will need to perform the steps below.

Please note:
By permanently removing deleted E-mails, you will not be able to recover any E-mails that have been accidentally deleted.
Step 1
Log in to the 1&1 WebMail interface. Log in page
Log in Page

Step 2
Click the menu icon and then click Edit Settings.
Webmail Email page
Webmail Mail page

Step 3
Select E-mail from the Settings menu.
Webmail E-mail Settings
Webmail E-mail Settings
Step 4
Tick the box for Permanently remove deleted email messages.
Please note:
There is no save button. Your changes will take effect immediately.
Common configuration settings
Common configuration settings
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