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Enable/Disable the Display of HTML E-mails in 1&1 WebMail

Learn how to set whether 1&1 WebMail should display your e-mail in HTML form if possible, or plain-text only.

Step 1
Log in to the 1&1 WebMail interface. Log in page
Log in Page

Step 2
Click the menu icon and then click Edit Settings.
Webmail Email page
Webmail Mail page

Step 3
From the Settings options, click Email.
1&1 Webmail Settings
1&1 Webmail Settings
Step 4
Under the section Format emails as, you can make your selection. HTML mail is graphical mail that includes color, images, etc. Plain text mail is simply black text on a white background.
Please note:
There is no save button. Your changes will take effect immediately.
Webmail mail settings page
Webmail mail settings page