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Add Entries to the Blacklist in 1&1 WebMail

Learn how to add an E-mail address to the blacklist in the 1&1 WebMail application, preventing you from receiving E-mails from that address.

Step 1
Log in to the 1&1 WebMail interface. Log in page
Log in Page

Step 2
Click on Configuration, displayed in the shade of a wheel. Webmail start page
Webmail start page
Step 3
In the Configuration menu, scroll down and select Extras.
Tasks > Extras
Tasks > Extras
Step 4
Click on Blacklist.
Available extras for 1&1 WebMail
Available extras for 1&1 WebMail
Step 5
Enter E-mail addresses or domain names into the text box. Put each address on its own line by pressing ENTER between entries. To blacklist all addresses from a domain, use the asterisk symbol before the at symbol, such as *@gmail.com to blacklist all Gmail accounts.
When finished, click on OK.
Text box for list of addresses to be blacklisted
Text box for list of addresses to be blacklisted
Step 6
A confirmation is displayed that the settings have been saved. Click on Go To Overview to return to the main page.
Action was successful
Action was successful
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