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Set Up Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 with Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac

For Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 accounts

Learn how to sync your Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 account with Outlook 2011, allowing you to send and receive e-mails, add or view calendar appointments, etc. in the Outlook application.

Step 1
Open Finder and launch Outlook 2011 on your macintosh computer or laptop.
Step 2
Click Tools > Accounts. Microsoft Outlook Tools menu
Microsoft Outlook Tools menu
Step 3
Click the Exchange Account button. Account window
Account window
Step 4
Enter your Exchange account information using the table below as a guide. Click the Add Account button when you are finished.
Parameter Value
E-mail address Your complete e-mail address
Method User Name and Password
User Name Your complete e-mail address
Password Your password for the e-mail address
Configure automatically Unchecked
Server 1.exchange.1and1.co.uk
Account details window
Account details window
Step 5
The account will be added and listed in the Accounts window. You may change the Account description at this time to choose a better name that can help you differentiate between multiple e-mail accounts in Outlook, should you have more than one. Close the window when you are finished. Account window
Account window
Step 6
The Exchange account's contents should now begin downloading. Please allow at least a few minutes for the account to sync. Depending on the size of the Exchange account and your current connection speed, your wait time will vary.

After some time, any existing content in the Exchange account should start populating in Outlook 2011. You can leave Outlook open and continue working on your Macintosh while the account syncs or you can start sending new messages through Outlook! Your account is completely synced with Outlook 2011 for Mac when the status at the bottom of the widows reads All folders up to date.

Microsoft Outlook Mail tab
Microsoft Outlook Mail tab