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Manually Set Up E-mail with Mozilla Thunderbird for PC

Synchronise your 1&1 Mail Basic account with Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC using the IMAP protocol.

With IMAP, you can receive and send your E-mail everywhere regardless of your device and your location.

Step 1
Launch Mozilla Thunderbird. If it is your first time launching Mozilla Thunderbird, the Mail Account Setup Wizard should appear and you may skip to step 4. Otherwise continue with the next step.
Step 2
From the Mozilla Thunderbird window, select Tools > Account Settings.
Tools > Account Settings
Tools > Account Settings
Step 3
At the bottom-left, select Account Actions > Add Mail Account.
Account Actions > Add Mail Account
Account Actions > Add Mail Account
Step 4
Enter Your name, your full 1&1 Email address and your 1&1 Mail Basic address Password. Check the box for Remember password if you do not wish to enter your password every time when checking or sending E-mail. Then, click Continue.

E-mail account data
E-mail account data
Step 5
Suggested settings may be provided for you. Be sure to select IMAP to view the suggested IMAP settings. In this example, the suggested settings are incorrect so we will click on Manual Config to enter the correct information.
Option IMAP
Option IMAP
Step 6
Enter the required information in the appropriate fields.
Manual configuration
Manual configuration
Field Input
Incoming Server hostname (A) imap.1and1.co.uk
Incoming Port Number (A) 993
SSL drop-down menu (A) SSL/TLS
Authentication drop-down menu (A) Normal password
Outgoing Server hostname (B) smtp.1and1.com
Outgoing Port Number (B) 587
SSL drop-down menu (B) STARTTLS
Authentication drop-down menu (B) Normal password
User Name (C) Your full 1&1 Mail Basic address
Step 7
Click OK.
Account Settings
Account Settings

You will see your newly added account under Local Folders. Local folders > Configured account

Local folders > Configured account

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