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Manually Set Up E-mail with Entourage using POP3

The following steps will teach you how to sync your 1&1 Mail Basic with Entourage using the POP3 protocol.

Follow the instructions below to sync your E-mail account with Entourage. Before you begin, you will need to have Entourage installed on your Macintosh computer and have a created 1&1 Mail Basic account.

Please note:
1&1 suggests the use of IMAP over POP3.
Step 1
Open Finder and launch Microsoft Entourage.
Step 2
Open the Entourage menu and choose Account Settings. Entourage > Account Settings
Entourage > Account Settings
Step 3
In the Accounts window that opens, click on the New icon. Accounts overview
Accounts overview
Step 4
Choose POP from the Account type drop-down box.Account type options
Account type options
Step 5
Click on OK to continue.
New Account
New Account
Step 6
Choose an account name. This will be the name of the account in Microsoft Entourage.
Enter your Account Name (A). This is the name that others will see when receiving your mail.
Enter your full Name and 1&1 Mail Basic address (B).
Enter your Account ID, pop.1and1.co.uk as the POP server and the account's Password (C).

Then click on Click here for advanced receiving options. Account Settings
Account Settings
Step 7
Check the box next to This POP service requires a secure connection.

Then click anywhere on the Edit Account window in the background. Receiving Options for new account
Receiving Options for new account
Step 8
Enter auth.smtp.1and1.co.uk as the SMTP server.

Then click on Click here for advanced sending options. SMTP server details
SMTP server details
Step 9
Check the boxes for SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL).
Check the box for Override the default SMTP port and enter port 587.
Check the box for SMTP server requires authentication and choose Use same settings as receiving mail server.

Then click anywhere on the Edit Account window in the background. SMTP sending options
SMTP sending options
Step 10
Review the information entered and then click on OK. New account settings entered
New account settings entered

On the Entourage start page, the newly-added account has been added. Entourage start page

Entourage start page

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