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What is a 1&1 Mailing List?

Mailing Lists let you collect a group of subscribers who are all reachable under a single E-mail address.

That means after you set up a Mailing List address and add members to the list. Anytime an E-mail is sent to the Mailing List address, the entire group of members will get that E-mail. You can import existing contacts to your Mailing List using a CSV file. Also, depending on the settings, all or just specific members can write to the list, thereby informing the entire group at once.

This feature is useful for anyone wanting to communicate with a large group.

Use Mailing Lists for:
  • Distributing information for groups or organisations
  • Sending newsletters to your subscribed customers, website visitors or users
  • Creating an address for your friends or social networks to exchange ideas or information
  • Avoiding large, time-consuming distribution lists

You can create up to 5 mailing lists in your 1&1 Mailing List.

Please note:
E-mails sent using the 1&1 Mailing List cannot exceed 6MB, otherwise the mailing will fail. This also means that included should be 6MB or smaller in size.
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