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1&1 E-mail Storage Limits and Attachment Sizes

Starting in April 2015, 1&1 began offering unlimited e-mail accounts and storage with the Unlimited Plus and Unlimted Pro packages. All other packages and packages purchased before April 2015 come with 1&1 Mail Basic accounts are limited to 2GB.

Maximum Mailbox Size Maximum # of Stored E-mails Maximum Attachment Size*
1&1 Mail Basic 2GB 40,000 70MB
Unlimited 1&1 Mail Basic Unlimited Unlimited 70MB
1&1 Mail Business 50GB 200,000 70MB
Microsoft® Exchange 2013 by 1&1 25GB Unlimited 50MB

* The limits above assume that you are sending from a 1&1 mail account to another 1&1 mail account of the same type. Some e-mail providers will reject an e-mail if the file size exceeds their maximum file size, which could potentially be lower than the limit imposed by 1&1. If so, you will receive a bounceback message from that e-mail provider informing you that the mail was not delivered because the attachment is too large.