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View the 1&1 MXConnector Log File

Follow the steps below to view the 1&1 MXConnector log file.

The log file may be of help if you are having trouble getting Outlook to synchronise with your 1&1 Mail Business account. A support agent may ask you to supply this log file for troubleshooting purposes.

Please note:
You will need to close and reopen Outlook before following the steps listed below.
Step 1
Open the system tray on the windows taskbar. Then, right-click on the light bulb icon (MXUpdater).
Windows taskbar with system tray
Windows taskbar with system tray
Step 2
Click Settings.
Step 3
From the Advanced tab, select Info from the Loglevel drop-down menu and then click View Logfile.
Configuration page
Configuration page

The log file will be displayed in a new window. Log file

Log file

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