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What is the @mailboxbackup.info E-Mail Address?

If you previously had E-mail addresses associated with a domain that was cancelled or removed from you package, you may see various E-mail addresses in your 1&1 Control Panel ending with @mailboxbackup.info. Whenever a domain is removed from your package, such as in a domain transfer or cancellation, any E-mail addresses that were still using the domain name will be preserved, but renamed using the domain @mailboxbackup.info.

For example, if the domain 1and1help.co.uk was cancelled from your package although the E-mail address account@1and1help.co.uk still existed at the time the domain was removed, the 1&1 Control Panel would rename this address to account.1and1help.com@mailboxbackup.info.

Even after the account is renamed, you can still check what E-mails may be stored on the server by accessing your E-mail address using 1&1 WebMail.

Please note:
The password for the E-mail address will remain the same as before it was renamed.