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What is SPAM Filtering?

SPAM are unwanted or unsolicited E-mails that arrive in your E-mail account's mailbox. SPAM filters catch these messeges before they reaches your inbox. It is possible to enable the SPAM protection on your 1&1 E-mail account and define the level of SPAM filtering in the 1&1 Control Panel.

When you receive an E-mail, the SPAM filter determines whether the mail appears to be legitimate or not. The SPAM filter checks the E-mail header for forged outlook clients and inconsistent dates to name a few. Depending on the content, values are assigned to each of these indicators to result in a SPAM score.

Please note:
If SPAM protection is enabled, suspicious messages will be saved in the SPAM folder, unless the option to add the [SPAM?] marker to the subject line is enabled. If enabled, the messages will remain in the Inbox. When checking your mail with program using POP3, please use the [SPAM?] marker.
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