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Establish a WebDAV Connection to a Linux Package

For Linux packages

Learn how to establish a WebDAV connection to your Linux package, allowing you to transfer files to/from your webspace.

Step 1
On your Windows computer, click Start > Computer.
Step 2
From the Tools menu, select Map network drive...

If you do not see the Tools menu, press Alt on your keyboard.

Tools > Map network drive...
Tools > Map network drive...
Step 3
Click the link that says Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures. Map Network Drive window
Map Network Drive window
Step 4
Click Next. Welcome screen
Welcome screen
Step 5
Select Choose a custom network location and then click Next. Choose a custom network location screen
Choose a custom network location screen
Step 6
Enter the domain you want to connect to in the text box. Do not forget to prefix the domain with http:// and append :81 to the end of your domain to signify the connection must happen over port 81.

Then, click Next.

Network location screen
Network location screen
Step 7
If you receive a message that states The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another. then please check your username, password and that the domain points to a 1&1 IP Address.

If you are still unable to connect, please download the registry file located below for your operating system. To do so, right-click and save the respective link to your computer. You will need to double-click the file after downloaded and allow the registry change. You must then restart your computer and follow these steps again. Possible error message
Possible error message
Step 8
Enter your original FTP username and password and click OK. You can find the FTP username within the 1&1 Control Panel and reset the password if necessary. The original FTP username is the only FTP user that cannot be deleted. Credentials input
Credentials input
Step 9
Enter a name for this network location and click Next. Windows will create an icon with this name you can double-click later to connect. Location name screen
Location name screen
Step 10
You are informed that the setup is complete. You can check the box to Open this network location when I click Finish in order to make a connection to verify it is working correctly. Finally, click Finish. Confirmation window
Confirmation window

Later when you access Computer from the Start Menu, you should see an icon with your website listed under Network Location. Computer overview in Windows Explorer

Computer overview in Windows Explorer