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Connect to Webspace via SSH on a PC

For Linux packages with SSH access

Learn how to connect to your 1&1 Linux package using a Secure Shell (SSH) connection from a Macintosh computer in order to run command-line utilities.

You can upgrade your 1&1 Package if you require SSH access and your package does not support it. The following instructions show how to proceed if you already have SSH access.

Step 1
To connect via SSH, you will first need to download a SSH client, such as PuTTY.
Step 2
Refer to the SSH username and password available in the 1&1 Control Panel. They are the same as the initial FTP username and password that came with your package and cannot be deleted.
Enter your Domain Name into the Host Name (or IP address) text box.
Select SSH as the Connection type under the text box. PuTTY main menu
PuTTY main menu
Step 3
On the left-hand side of the window, click on Data.PuTTY main menu
PuTTY main menu
Step 4
Enter your SSH username into the Auto-login username text box. Your user name should start with the letter 'u' followed by numbers. PuTTY data menu
PuTTY data menu
Step 5
From the left-hand side, click Session. PuTTY data menu
PuTTY data menu
Step 6
In the text box below Saved Sessions, enter a name for the configuration. It is recommended to use the domain name.
Click on Save to save your configuration under this name. PuTTY session menu
PuTTY session menu
Step 7
The configuration will be saved using the name chosen in the list of Saved Sessions. When you open PuTTY from now on, you can click this name and the Load button to load this configuration.
Click on Open to connect via SSH.PuTTY session menu
PuTTY session menu
Step 8
The first time you connect to your webspace via SSH, the server will supply the SSH key fingerprint used for encryption. A warning appears that this key is not yet saved. Click on Yes to retain the key.

Once the key is saved, you will not receive this prompt when connecting to your webspace.SSH security message
SSH security message
Step 9
You will be prompted for for a password to connect. The password will not be displayed on the screen nor will the cursor move when typing the password. As a security precaution, no letters, asterisks or spaces are shown as you type the password to prevent bystanders from knowing the length of your password.

Type the password and press ENTER.SSH dialogue window
SSH dialogue window
Step 10
You are now logged into your Linux web hosting package via SSH. You are presented with a command prompt to begin running Linux commands. SSH dialogue window
SSH dialogue window