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Connect to Webspace via FTPS Using FileZilla

For 1&1 WebHosting Windows

Use the steps below to connect to your shared hosting webspace via FTPS.

FileZilla is a free FTP programme/client that allows you to upload, download and change permissions of files you keep in the webspace of your 1&1 package. FileZilla supports FTPS which you can use to securely transfer your files.

Step 1
Download FileZilla and install it.
Step 2
Launch the FileZilla programme, either from the Start Menu, Finder, your desktop, or however you normally launch programmes. Once the programme is open, click File > Site Manager. File > Site Manager
File > Site Manager
Step 3
We will save the FTP information in FileZilla for your website so that you do not have to enter all the FTP info every time you want to connect. Click New Site.
Site Manager > New Site
Site Manager > New Site
Step 4
Type a name for the FileZilla "site" such as your domain name. This helps you to know which site you are connecting to in the future, should you add other FTP sites.
New Site is listed among My Sites
New Site is listed among My Sites
Step 5
Enter the FTP Software Connection Credentials and click Connect. FTP software connection credentials entered on tab General
FTP software connection credentials entered on tab General

You can begin transferring files now. To upload, drag and drop files to the right-hand side.

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