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Common Causes of FTP Connection Failure

Most connection failures are caused by small errors in typing the user name/password or host address. Checking these and making corrections will usually resolve the matter.

Possible Causes:
  • Your FTP access to the web space may be blocked
    This is most commonly due to a billing matter or an error in the permission setting of that account, please contact support@1and1.com to have the matter resolved.
  • Invalid FTP user name/password entered
    The user name/password is case-sensitive and will affect the connection if entered incorrectly. Go back to the FTP Account page in the configuration menu and copy/paste the details. There should be no problem in accessing your web space.
  • Incorrect host name in the setup of this connection
    If you have registered the domain with 1&1 check if the domain is ready. Please note that domain registrations take a minimum of 24 hours.
  • External domains
    Make sure your domain is pointing to 1&1 name servers.
  • Transfer of Registrar
    Make sure the domain has completely transferred to 1&1.
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