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1&1 Extended Support for the 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator

Learn more about 1&1 Extended Support for the 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator.

We have decided to discontinue developing the 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator product and as a result the product is no longer up-to-date.

However, if you still use the 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator we will be providing technical support for it through 1&1 Extended Support.

Why am I being offered Extended Support?

We offer Extended Support so you can switch your website to the latest replacement product – the 1&1 Website Builder. 1&1 Extended Support is a support service that allows you to continue using the 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator until the end of the year.

Read about how to Transition from 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator to the 1&1 Website Builder in the Help Center for more information on how to make the switch when you're ready.

When does Extended Support start?

You will automatically be charged for Extended Support beginning in May of 2016 if you are still using the 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator or still have it activated.

Why do I have to pay for Extended Support?

Security checks, adjustments and maintenance of this outdated software creates a great deal of work for our administrators. Extended Support is a special service we offer our customer base. Because this maintenance increases the administrative workload on our systems, we charge a small monthly fee for this additional service. You will be notified by e-mail in advance in regards to the service.

If you didn't receive a notification, please check your account e-mail address and enter a valid one where we can reach you, if necessary. This is the only way we can offer you the best service possible. Here is how you change your e-mail address.