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What are Click & Build Applications?

Click & Build enables you to build and improve your website with a variety of popular software applications such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and more. Click & Build installations allow you to quickly install these web applications which would normally require manual installation and moderate technical knowledge, with simply the click of a button. There are two modes in which you can install the Click & Build applications:

Installation in Managed Mode
Installation in Managed Mode makes installation and management of your web application easy. The updates and security of your Managed Mode installation are managed by 1&1. Managed Mode installations generally have various add-ons and plugins included for each web app, but manual installation of add-ons is restricted to increase security.
Installation in Standard Mode
Installation in Standard Mode still makes installation of your web application easy and also allows you more freedom to customise. The updates and security of your Standard Mode installation is not managed by 1&1 and will require your ongoing attention. Standard Mode installations allows you to modify all files, manage the database and install add-ons without restriction.
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