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Create a Test Stage for Your Wordpress Install

For Wordpress installed in Standard Mode on Managed Server contracts through the 1&1 App Centre.

Learn how to create a stage for your Wordpress installed in Standard Mode.

Creating a stage for your Wordpress install will create a clone of your current install in a sandbox environment, allowing you to make modifications to your Wordpress site, install new plugins, or make customizations, without affecting your live site or its visitors.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click the 1&1 App Centre link from the Hosting panel.
Hosting > 1&1 App Centre
Hosting > 1&1 App Centre
Step 3
Click the Create stage button. Project details panel
Project details panel
Step 4
Click the Create stage button. Stage creation splash page
Stage creation splash page
Step 5
Wait while the stage is created.
Stage creation status
Stage creation status
Step 6
Once the stage is successfully created, you can then click the Edit Stage button to log into your Wordpress stage and make any modifications to your wordpress site without disrupting your live site. Stage details page
Stage details page
Step 7
Simply log into your Wordpress admin panel using your Admin username and password just as you normally would.
Wordpress stage login page
Wordpress stage login page

In the furture, you can access your stage in the same manner, until you have completed your testing or modifications, at which point you can delete the stage and implement the changes to your live site. You can create a stage again at a later time when you are ready to test out another new feature, plugin or modification.