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Convert Click & Build Applications to Normal Install

For Linux hosting and 1&1 Managed Server packages

Learn how to convert your Click & Build application from the evaluation to the normal version.

Converting your Click & Build application to the normal version will not affect the work you have completed during the evaluation period and will give you limitless time to work on your projects.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click the 1&1 App Centre link from the Hosting section of the 1&1 Control Panel.
Hosting panel
Hosting panel
Step 3
Hover your mouse over your application and click Convert.
1&1 App Centre
1&1 App Centre
Step 4
Specify whether you would rather convert the evaluation version to Safe Mode or Free Mode.
It is recommended that you select Safe Mode if you are unsure.
WordPress conversion menu
WordPress conversion menu
Step 5
To finalise the conversion, you will be required to enter some additional information, such as a password, and complete any additional steps in the 1&1 Control Panel until you are informed the process is complete.