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Configuring Managed WordPress with the 1&1 Wizard

For 1&1 Managed WordPress packages

Learn how to get your WordPress site set up quicker using the 1&1 Wizard as your guide.

Step 1
Log in to the WordPress administration interface (Dashboard). Add /wp-admin/ to your domain name to go directly to the login page and then enter the user name and password specified during the installation.
WordPress login portal
WordPress login portal
Step 2
Start the 1&1 Wizard to set up the design and plugins for your website by clicking on Get started. WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard
Step 3
Select your website type from the various templates by clicking Select. Whether you search for a professional business website or a personal photo blog, each website type offers you an optimized selection of suitable themes and plugins. Configuration menu
Configuration menu
Step 4
Choose your theme and click Select. You can easily adjust and personalize all themes to better fit your criteria. For the selection of themes, we have evaluated not only the features and design, but also the performance and quality of the code. Configuration menu
Configuration menu
Step 5
You can enhance your website with plugins for additional functions. These are sorted by relevance and category. Mark the desired plugins and click the Apply Selection button at the bottom right of the screen. Configuration menu
Configuration menu
Step 6
A summary of your selection is provded and you can now open your website in the browser by clicking View your site. Configuration menu
Configuration menu
Step 7
On the Dashboard you will receive further guidance for the next steps. The Dashboard allows you to create posts, pages and manage your website. Additionally,the Managed WordPress Wizard offers you direct access to your website's most important functions.

You can change the existing configuration by clicking the Change your plugins button. The buttons for changing the website type or design are inactive, because you can select them only via the 1&1 Wizard. Settings menu
Settings menu
Step 8
If you want to change your domain, go to Settings > General > WordPress Address (URL) in the navigation. You will be redirected to the 1&1 App Center, where you can perform the change. General settings menu
General settings menu
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