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What is 1&1 Online Team Storage?

We now offer 1&1 Online Team Storage for our 1&1 Online Storage users free of charge. 1&1 Online Team Storage allows anyone with a 1&1 Online Storage account to upload or create a document in the Team Drive that is shared with all other 1&1 Online Storage users in the same contract. You can still share specific folders with others that do not have a 1&1 Online Storage account. However, the 1&1 Online Team Storage is a quicker and easier solution to share files with your colleagues that are likely to access them the most.

Team Drive benefits:
  • Free!
  • Share contents with all other Online Storage users
  • 2GB initial capacity
  • Storage space add-ons for 10GB, 50GB, 100GB, 500GB and 1,000GB
  • 2GB maximum file size limit
  • Restrict access to subfolders of the Team Drive per user
  • Still able to share folders via E-mail with password protection
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