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Create a New Document in 1&1 Online Storage

Find out how to create a document using the 1&1 Online Storage interface.

If you need a new document in your 1&1 Online Storage, you have to set it up first. The following step-by-step instructions will explain to you how to create the new document of your choice.

Step 1
Once logged in to 1&1 Online Storage, click File and select which type of document you would like to create.
  • Writer: *.doc, *.html. *.sxw, *.txt
  • Sheet: *.xls, *.xlsx, *.sxc, *.ods, *.csv
  • Show: *.ppt, *.pps, *.odp, *.sxi
File menu
File menu
Step 2
Type out the file name and click Create.
Create a new document page
Create a new document page
Step 3
You may now begin working on your document.
New document page
New document page
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