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Find Which GD Version is Being Used

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In this article you will learn how to find out which version of GD Library is being used.

Follow the steps below to determine your currently used version.

Step 1
Create a text file named phpinfo.php, phpinfo.php4, phpinfo.php5 or phpinfo.php6 depending on which version of PHP your website is using.
Step 2
Within the text file, place the following text:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
Step 3
Save (or upload) the phpinfo.php file to the root of your webspace and access the page through a browser such as http://www.1and1php.com/phpinfo.php.
Step 4
Scroll to the section that is labeled gd. The GD Version is displayed below.
GD section showing the GD Version
GD section showing the GD Version
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