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1&1 PHP Extended Support

PHP 4, 5.2 and 5.4 will no longer receive support from the PHP community. For those who want to use older versions of PHP, 1&1 Extended Support offers interruption-free operation until you switch to a current PHP version.

Why am I being charged for PHP Extended Support?
  • You no longer have a current PHP version and you're still using PHP version 4 and / or 5.2. If you want to change this setting for each domain, please go back to your 1&1 Control Panel and change PHP version. We recommend that you always use a current PHP version. The latest one is now available: PHP7
  • It is possible that you have already switched your website or domain to a current PHP version and simply overlooked the cancellation information in the 1&1 Control Panel. If you no longer need our Extended Support service, log in to our contract page and select cancellation of individual items.
  • You did not receive information about our PHP Extended Support by e-mail in advance. Log into your Control Panel and make sure the correct e-mail address is connected to your account.
Why is Extended Support necessary?

Security checks, adjustments and operation of old PHP versions create a great deal of work for our administrators. PHP Extended Support is a special service we offer our customer base. Because maintaining the old PHP versions increases the administrative workload on our systems, we charge you a small monthly fee for this additional service.
Because we assume that you still need your PHP4 or PHP5.2 scripts, we have already activated this enhancement for your contract. It ensures that your PHP scripts will remain functional in the future and we have also sent you more detailed information on this subject by e-mail.

When does the 1&1 Extended Support begin?

1&1 Extended Support starts immediately after support by the PHP community ends. The first 6 months of 1&1 Extended Support are free of charge for you. You will find further information of the various PHP support phases and the entire PHP lifecycle in the 1&1 community.

Regardless, we recommend that you always use the current PHP version.

Check to see if you need PHP Extended Support
  • For testing we recommend you set up a subdomain.
  • Now link the page content to the subdomain.
  • Afterwards, you can switch to PHP5.6 (recommended).

If everything works the way you want it to, you can cancel PHP Extended Support with just a few clicks using the contract service.

Scripts no longer work after conversion

Simply switch back to the original PHP version in the 1&1 Control Panel

More time needed to adjust my scripts to a more recent PHP version

Please test first whether an adjustment of the scripts is necessary. Many scripts run smoothly even under PHP5.6. If this is not the case for you, and you need to make greater adjustments, please contact our customer support to coordinate the timing.

If you have PHP scripts that are older than PHP4 and PHP5.2 then please contact our Customer Service team to discuss booking them as an additional option for current contracts.

Please note:
More useful information can be found in the Community.