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Perl Version/Modules Installed on the Shared Hosting Servers

Learn how to find the current version of Perl and to view a list of currently installed Perl Modules for hosting packages.

The following steps will teach you how to find the installed Perl version and modules.

Step 1
Please access the info.pl file available from the logs folder of your webspace. It is suggested to use the technical subdomain to access this file. If using the technical subdomain, the URL would look similar to:


You will need to change the domain (s123456789.websitehome.co.uk) to your own domain which is listed in the Domain Centre within the 1&1 Control Panel.

Step 2
You will be prompted for a User Name and Password. You will need to Use the User Name and Password that you would Use for your Initial FTP Account. Input this information and click OK. Authentication Required window
Authentication Required window
Step 3
The Perl version being used is listed under the Program Paths heading. Perl Configuration > Perl Version
Perl Configuration > Perl Version

You can find a list of the Perl modules being used under the Installed Perl Modules heading.

Installed Perl Modules sections
Installed Perl Modules sections
For additional information, you may want to reference: