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Packages Supporting Perl

The following packages support Perl:
Package Perl Support
1&1 Home Package Linux Yes
1&1 Business Package Linux Yes
1&1 Business Pro Hosting Linux Yes
1&1 Professional Hosting Linux Yes
1&1 Managed Servers Linux Yes
1&1 Dedicated Servers Yes
1&1 Dynamic Cloud Servers Yes
Please note:
With the 1&1 Dedicated or Dynamic Cloud Servers, Perl may or may not be installed depending on the operating system chosen. Both packages offer root or administrative access allowing the user to install and configure Perl in Linux or Microsoft operating systems if needed.
Package Perl Support
1&1 MS Beginner Package Yes
1&1 MS Home Package Yes
1&1 MS Business Package Yes
1&1 Developer Package Yes
Please note:
Perl support only became available with the introduction of Microsoft Server 2008 hosting offered after Sept 1st 2010. If you had ordered your MS Hosting package before Sept 1st 2010, your package will have been hosted on the Windows Server 2003 platform and will not support Perl scripts.
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