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Change a Database from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5

For linux packages

In this article you will learn how to turn an existing MySQL 4 database into a new MySQL 5 database.

If you still have old remaining MySQL 4 databases, we recommend that you take the following steps to create a new database in MySQL 5 using the data from your MySQL 4 database.

Step 1
Create a New MySQL Database in the 1&1 Control Panel. All newly created databases should be MySQL 5.
Step 2
You will have to backup your MySQL database using SSH (Shell) or you can backup your MySQL 4 database using phpMyAdmin in order to get the database information exported and ready to import into a MySQL 5 database.
Step 3
Now that you have the data from the old database exported to a file, you can now import a backup of your MySQL database using SSH or you can import a backup of your MySQL database using phpMyAdmin.
Step 4
Now you will have to update the database connection details in your CMS configuration file if you are using a CMS or web application. This is necessary so that the configuration specifies to connect to the newly created MySQL 5 database instead of the old database.
Please note:
In MySQL version 5, the field type varchar binary is no longer available.