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Import an Access Database into MSSQL

For Windows packages

Learn how to import an Access database into MSSQL.

If you already have an Access database containing data that you would like to use with your 1&1 MSSQL database, simply follow the next steps to import your data.

Step 1
You will first need to upload your Access database(*.mdb) file to the _db_import folder in your webspace. You can upload this file using FTP or Frontpage.
Step 2
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 3
Click on MSSQL Administration in the Hosting panel.
MSSQL Administration
MS SQL Administration

Step 4
Click Import in the Import/Export section.
Data Transfers overview page
Data Transfers overview page
Step 5
  • Select a Database name from the list that will contain the data from the import file.
  • Select the File name from the drop down list, choosing the correct file for import.
  • Select the Format from the drop-down list. In this case the format should be ".mdb" or "ZIP file with .mdb" if you have uploaded a zipped .mdb file.
  • When finished, click Import.
Settings page
Settings page
Step 6
View the details on the confirmation page. If they are correct, click Import to import the data.
Confirmation page
Confirmation page
Step 7
You are taken back to the Import page. At the bottom you can view the status of any pending imports.
Import overview page
Import overview page

To check the Import status at a later time, simply click MSSQL Administration and then Import.

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