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Edit Data/Records from Tables Using myLittleAdmin

For Windows packages

Learn how to change table data using myLittleAdmin.

In order to edit records from your table, you need to already have a table with data in it.

Step 2
Click Databases, then select your database.
Step 3
Click the Tables link from the pane on the left-hand side.and click the Content icon. myLittleAdmin Start Page
myLittleAdmin Start Page
Step 4
Click the Content icon for the table in question. myLittleAdmin Tables Page
myLittleAdmin Tables Page
Step 5
Click the Edit icon to edit a record to edit it.
Please note:
If there is no primary key in the table, you cannot edit records here. You must first Create A Primary Key.
myLittleAdmin Table Content Page
myLittleAdmin Table Content Page
Step 6
Make the changes and click Apply. myLittleAdmin Edit Row Page
myLittleAdmin Edit Row Page

Your changes have now been made and are saved.