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Internal Domain Transfers

Find out more about the different options of transferring domains within 1&1.

Domains can be moved from package to package or from one account to another account. There are three scenarios that you may encounter when moving domains from one package or account to another. Before you begin the transfer though, be sure to backup all website files, databases, E-mail accounts.
Please also take note of any DNS settings or subdomains created under the domain as no data or configuration will transfer with the domain.

Please note:
Transferring all domains out of a hosting package does not cancel the hosting plan. It will remain active and will continue being billed until you cancel the entire plan.
Package to Package Transfer

Package to package transfers transfer domains registered at 1&1 between two packages under the same account (or Account Number ID). This is a true internal transfer.

Account to Account Transfer

Account to account transfers are transfers of a domain registered at 1&1 between two packages that are in two separate accounts (each package has a different Account Number). The domain will remain registered to 1&1 after the transfer, but to a separate Account Number. When moving a domain from one account to another account, the domain must be manually released by the current owner of the domain before it can be transferred to another account.

External Domain Transfer from a 1&1 Account to another 1&1 Account

External domain transfers mean that there are currently external domains (DNS transferred domains) set up in a 1&1 account, but need to be moved to another 1&1 account. Since the domain is not actually registered at 1&1, this is not considered an internal transfer even though the end result is moving a domain from one 1&1 account to another 1&1 account.