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Transfer of Registrar Process Overview

Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)

For gTLDs such as .com, .net, .org etc., you as the customer will fill out a Form of Authorisation (FOA) to approve the request of your domain name for transferring. 1&1 will send an E-mail containing the FOA to the domain owner (Registrant-c/Admin-c*) listed for the domain to be transferred. The E-mail contains a link to a website where you can accept or refuse the transfer. This leads to the following 4 possibilities:

  • Domain owner (Registrant-c/Admin-c*) accepts the transfer. The transfer is initiated.
  • Domain owner (Registrant-c) refuses the transfer. Transfer request is voided.
  • Admin-c refuses the transfer. Domain owner (Registrant-c) and the customer are informed of the time left for the owner to accept the transfer. If the transfer is not accepted during this time, the transfer request is voided.
  • No response by domain owner (Registrant-c or Admin-c*). The customer is informed and the FOA is re-sent. If there is no response after additional notice, the transfer is voided.
    (* The domain owner, Registrant-c, and Admin-c can be the same person.)

If the domain owner has yet to approve the domain transfer, then it is possible the approval e-mail was filtered to the spam folder. If the owner is still unable to locate the approval e-mail then it is recommended that the owner check the WHO.IS database to see if the domain contact e-mail address is current and update it if need be. Once the correct e-mail address is confirmed, then you will want to contact us to resend the FOA via e-mail.

Please note:
The transfer is initiated as soon as 1&1 obtains consent and there is NO LOCK set on the domain. If there is a LOCK set, 1&1 cannot initiate the transfer, even if you approved the transfer request. It takes 5 calendar days for the transfer to complete and another 24-48 hours for the DNS information to propagate if the DNS was not changed before the transfer.
For more information on the gTLD transfer process, please visit the ICANN homepage.
UK Domains

UK domains use IPS Tags to handle domain transfers. These tags are used when transferring a UK Domain to 1&1 or when transferring a UK domain to another provider.