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Transfer a UK Domain to 1&1

Learn how to transfer a UK domain (.co.uk, .org.uk, etc.) to 1&1.

In this article you will find guidance on how to move a UK domain to a 1&1 package. If you wish to keep your domain with your current registrar but use the domain with 1&1 WebHosting, you can transfer an external domain to 1&1.

Please note:
Before transferring a domain to 1&1, please backup all website files, databases, E-mail accounts, and take note of any DNS settings or subdomains created under the domain as no data or configuration will transfer with the domain!

You can also initiate a transfer when signing up for a new 1&1 package from the Order Page. When ordering the package you will be prompted to choose domains to add to the package. Simply enter the domain you wish to transfer into the package when prompted and follow the instructions provided.

Follow the instructions on how to transfer a UK domain to an existing package with 1&1:

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click Transfer domain from another provider from the Domains panel of the 1&1 Control Panel.
Domains panel
Domains panel
Step 3
If you have any included domain left, the available amount will be shown on this page. Enter the domain you wish to transfer to 1&1 in the text box and click Check Domain.
Transfer menu
Transfer menu
Step 4
Click Transfer domain to continue. Transfer menu
Transfer menu
Step 5
Your current user data is shown on this page. By default, this information will be used as the WHOIS information for the domain.
Click Continue to proceed. Shopping cart screen
Shopping cart screen
Step 6
Check the box acknowledging the terms and conditions to continue.
User information screen
User information screen
Step 7
Check your order summary and agree to the terms of service and contractual conditions. To finish, click on Order now. When finished, click Order now to initiate the transfer.
Order screen
Order screen
Step 8
You will now need to contact the current registrar for the domain and have the domain's IPS tag changed to 1AND1 before the transfer process can begin.
Please note:
If you are receiving a Your domain transfer request was rejected” notice, the transfer request was not acknowledged by your current registrar. To proceed with the transfer, please contact your current registrar to settle the matter.