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Common Reasons for Failed Domain Transfers

There are several reasons why a domain transfer may be refused:

60-day Waiting Period
A Transfer of Registrar is not allowed for a domain name within 60 days of registration or within 60 days of a previous transfer. Wait until the 60-day period has passed to initiate the transfer.
Registrar-Lock or Registrar-Hold
A registrar can place a lock on a domain name so that the transfer cannot be completed. This is not the same as a domain transfer lock. A Registrar-Lock or Registrar-Hold means that the domain owner has to contact the registrar to have it lifted.
Domain Has Expired
The domain name must be current and without outstanding fees. If the domain is expired/has expired during the transfer process, the transfer process will not complete. The domain will be placed into a 30-day redemption period to re-register the domain and transfer it to 1&1. Start the transfer process at least a month before the expiration date of the domain.
Please note:
Check your domain's WHOIS status to view if it is "Active" or "OK" (active and unlocked for a transfer). Please also check the expiration date of the domain.
Missing Authorisation
If no authorisation from the current Registrant or Admin contact has been received, the transfer process will not begin. Update the domain's contact details if necessary and ask a 1&1 Support Agent to resend the form of authorisation to the domain owner.
Transfer Lock
If there is a transfer lock set on the domain, 1&1 cannot initiate the transfer process. The current domain owner has to contact his/her registrar and request that the domain be unlocked. Then you must contact a 1&1 Support Agent to re-initiate the transfer request.
Waiting for UK Tag
The current registrar did not change the IPS tag of your domain. To proceed with the transfer, contact your current registrar and have them change the IPS Tag of your domain to 1AND1. It will take 24-48 hours for your domain to be ready in our system.
Domain Data Incorrect
This status means that something in the contact details is missing or is entered in a wrong format. Please ensure that all your details are correct, especially the phone number format.
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