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Unlock a Domain for Transfer

In this article you will find out how to enable or disable the domain transfer lock through the 1&1 Control Panel.

When registering or transferring a domain to 1&1, the domain transfer lock will automatically be enabled by default. The domain transfer lock helps to prevent unauthorised transfers of your domain out of your package. An intended domain transfer away from 1&1 to another provider is the only time when the domain transfer lock should be disabled to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Please note:
UK domains (.co.uk, .org.uk, etc.) cannot be locked or unlocked as UK domains utilise IPS Tags to control domain transfers.
Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
From the Domains panel, click on Manage Domains.
Domains > Manage Domains
Domains > Manage Domains

Step 3
Click the domain in question to expand the details and settings. Domain Center home page
Domain Center home page
Step 4
Click the Edit Domain Settings link from the Domain Settings section of the options menu. Domain Center home page
Domain Center home page
Step 5
Click the Disable link to unlock the domain for transfer. Basic Settings Menu
Basic Settings Menu
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