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Sell a Domain Name

The rights to a domain name can be sold and transferred just like property. If you no longer want your domain name, or would consider selling it at the right price, here is how you can go about selling your domain:

Find a buyer
There are several marketplaces intended for the buying and selling of domain names. The largest is Sedo.co.uk, where it is free to list domains for sale. Other ways to find a buyer include creating a "Domain for Sale"” page on your site (these are available free through Sedo), or listing your domain on a domain auction site.

Agree on a price
Most "premium" domains sell for around £500 to £5,000. If you'd like to find out how much your domain might be worth, you can request a domain appraisal from Sedo.co.uk.

Transfer the domain name
Because the transfer of the domain name can be a complicated process, most domain transactions are conducted through a third-party escrow service. The escrow provider holds the buyer's payment secure while both parties work with their Registrar to transfer the domain name. Once the transfer is completed, the escrow provider releases the payment to the seller. The escrow service provided by Sedo.co.uk is recommended because they will assist you with the technical transfer of the domain name in addition to providing a secure financial intermediary.

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