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What are the Default Settings for Alternate Domains?

When you order alternate domains with your domain order, many of the settings will have defaults corresponding to your main domain. This way you only need to enter the information once, and it is applied to all other domains automatically.

Defaults settings include:
  • Alternate domains will be automatically set to forward to the main domain i.e. justtestdomain.com -> justatestdomain.com
  • For all alternate domains, the WHOIS contact information will mirror that of the main domain. Some Top Level Domains will require additional details which will prompt you if necessary.
  • E-mail addresses will also be set to automatically forward to the main E-mail account.

While these defaults should save you time, it is always best to double check the settings of the alternate domains to ensure that everything is set to your liking. Changes can be made in the 1&1 Control Panel via Domains under Basic Settings.

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