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Renew a Domain

Domain names are automatically renewed by 1&1 Internet for your convenience at the current registration price for the domain unless the domain is an included domain. You can view our 1&1 Domain Price List.

Domains registered with 1&1 are set to automatically renew by default. No action on your part is needed when the expiration date is approaching to renew the domain in your name for another year. This ensures that the domain does not expire without your knowledge so that your website remains up and running and impact on your business is minimised.

The domain auto-renewal can be turned off at any time if you wish to let your domain expire instead of renewing when the expiration date is met. However, this feature will be unavailable within 3 days of the domain's expiration date. To turn off the Auto-renewal feature instead of cancelling the domain, you will have to select Turn off auto-renewal as the cancellation option for the domain(s) in question. This will ensure that the domain remains active until the expiration date.