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What is a Domain Name?

The Internet consists of a group of computers or servers connected by electronic means. To be able to locate a specific computer/server (where a website is stored), each server needs an address. Every computer or server connected to the Internet is issued an IP address so that it can be located.

Domain names were created to provide an alias for IP addresses so that instead of having to remember the website's IP address such as, you simply have to remember that the website can be found at 1and1.co.uk. Click both links below to see that the 1&1 website will load regardless of whether the IP address is used or the domain name:

To purchase a domain, you must order the domain from an accredited Registrar such as 1&1. Each registrar may offer different types of Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .com, .net, .org, who will have 1&1 Domain Price List. A registrar is the company that handles domain name registrations. Web hosting companies will provide you with web space (a location to save your website files), an IP address, tools to build your website, and usually offer domain names and e-mail services as well. 1&1 is both a Registrar and Web Hosting company in that we offer domain names and web hosting packages.

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