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Order a Domain Name

Depending on the type of customer, there are different methods of ordering a Domain Name.

New Customers
On the 1&1 Order Page in combination with the order of a new package.
Existing Customers- via 1&1 Control Panel
Through the 1&1 Control Panel you can add a new domain to a 1&1 package. This method will ensure that the domain ordered is added to the correct package.
Existing Customers- via Order Page
Use 1&1 Instant Domains as an additional package by choosing that you are a current 1&1 Customer. This method will add a second 1&1 Instant Domain package to your existing packages. This method is not recommended as it only allows 5 subdomains, 5 external domains, 1 E-mail address with no hosting. If you have a current package, it is suggested to add the domain through your 1&1 Control Panel.
Please note:
Double-check the spelling of your domain before completing the order process, as it is not possible to change a domain name once it has been registered on your behalf. Once registered, you may cancel the domain before the yearly registration is up, but you cannot rename a domain.
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