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About ICANN Domain Term E-mails

For 1&1 customers with generic top-level domains

This article contains information on run-time notifications that you automatically receive from us as a domain owner if the domain is set to expire, has expired or is renewed.

The ICANN committed 1&1 as a registrar of generic top-level domains to keep you regularly informed regarding the expiration of your gTLD.

Domain renewals occur automatically and don't require any further action on your part. Your e-mail service and web site will also remain unaffected.

In accordance with the requirements of ICANN, this information will be sent automatically 30 days before the expiration of the term. Within these 30 days you will receive the following notifications in three stages:

  • 30 days before expiration: e-mail with information about affected domains
  • 7 days before expiration: e-mail with information about affected domains
  • Expiration date: E-mail with information about affected domains and whether they are now expired or have been renewed. You will only receive this e-mail when we have received a notice for the affected domains.

Please note:
Even if your domain has already been terminated, we are obligated by law to inform you of the above information.
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