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Create a Subdomain

This article shows you how to create a subdomain in your 1&1 package.

Follow the steps below to add a subdomain to your package. To create one, you will need to already to have ordered a Domain Name with 1&1.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
From the Domains panel, click on Manage Domains.
Domains > Manage Domains
Domains > Manage Domains

Step 3
Click the Create subdomain link next to the domain you want to create a subdomain for.
Please note:
If Create Subdomain is greyed out, you have already set up the maximum number of subdomains allotted for your package. Delete any subdomains not in use or switch to another 1&1 package.
Domain Overview
Domain Overview
Step 4
Enter the subdomain into the Create Subdomain text box and click OK when finished.
Create Subdomain Overview
Create Subdomain Overview

A confirmation message will display upon the completion of the process. Confirmation message

Confirmation message

The subdomain will point to the root of your web space by default after it goes live. You may have to change the destination of your domain in order to select which folder holds or will hold the site files for the subdomain. You can also change the IP address that the subdomain should point to.